Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solar Project and Other Updates

With three weeks to go before we head back into the woods, the solar project is officially off the ground.  Efficiency Maine is processing our paperwork, and we hope to receive the first grant payment within the next few weeks.  We sent our deposit to Green Earth Energy to get the components ordered, and I purchased our new SunFrost refrigerator yesterday.  I'm not sure how long the solar components will take to ship, but we don't expect to receive the fridge until mid-May at least.  (They're individually manufactured in California, from what I understand, and typically take about 6 weeks to ship.)

If all goes as planned, we'll be able to install everything before our first guests arrive this spring.  That will give us time to troubleshoot anything that goes wrong, and it'll also let us start to figure out the system's quirks.  (I know full well that there will be some.)

In other news, our first t-shirt design is in production and should arrive in Maine this week:

Red River Camps

These will be red ink on red and heather gray short sleeved shirts and natural long sleeve shirts.  I have two other designs in the works as well, but we're holding off on those for another couple of weeks to see how this one turns out first.  (This is the first shirt I've designed since my freshman year of high school when I was in a marine science summer program down at UNH and the Isles of Shoals...)  Once they arrive, I'll get some pictures; I've only seen mockups myself, so it'll be a surprise for everyone!

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