Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Wow... I've really let this blog slide. My apologies! I think I get so wrapped up in trying to come up with great things to say that I let good things fall by the wayside and never end up saying anything. So with that in mind, I'll work on trying to update more consistently, even if the posts are shorter.

For instance, the Department of Conservation just released their new "Your Maine Lands" Map and Guide to Public Reserved Lands (which, of course, includes the Deboullie Township). You can download a free .pdf copy, or you can request one directly from the Department.

As the Bangor Daily News notes, "Compared with state parks, Maine’s public reserved lands are remote, unstaffed lands managed for variety of resource values, including recreation, wildlife and timber harvesting. BPL owns more than 500,000 acres of public lands, organized into 29 units ranging in size from 500 to more than 43,000 acres and many other smaller scattered lots. These lands are available for recreation and offer unique, backcountry experiences." Most of you have enjoyed the Deboullie unit at least once; take a look at the new map and see some of the other great places the state has to offer. (And then, of course, come back to Deboullie!)

So there we are. A nice short and sweet post to start 2011 off right. I'll try to keep them coming.

Happy New Year!

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