Thursday, September 24, 2009


We finished up dinner pretty early tonight, around 6:30, and decided to go for a walk down to the new bridge at Pushineer to take a look at the leaves while there was still some daylight left. The two campsites at Pushineer were empty, which isn't terribly surprising on a Thursday after it rained all day Wednesday. (As a side note, it's incredibly dry up here; even with about 3 inches yesterday, there was almost no water flowing under the bridge.)

As we were walking back up to the main road, we heard a call that was sort of a half-howl, half yell. It didn't sound like a coyote (who remind me a little bit of yappy dogs); it was somewhat more clear like a wolf howl, but higher (maybe a high-B down to G "OOOooo.") It also wasn't sustained enough to be a true howl. I'd say each call lasted less than two seconds. We heard it five or six times from the hill in front of us, and it was answered at least twice from back by Deboullie and once from farther west.

Any ideas? Do we have wolves in our woods? Sophisticated coyotes? Ghosts? Mischevious campers? I'm sure we'll find out at some point, but right now I need to stop playing .wav files of wolf howls from the internet, because I think the cats are beginning to contemplate smothering me in my sleep.

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