Friday, September 25, 2009

Frontline: Poisoned Waters

I’ll start with this disclaimer. My alter ego is a stream and wetland restoration engineer in Virginia. (I guess that would make this ego the mild-mannered reporter.) As such, I’m very focused on the problems plaguing the Chesapeake Bay, water quality, and the environment in general. I also think everyone has the responsibility to, if not actively focus on these issues, at least be well-aware of them. Why? Because every individual thing we do to impact water has a cumulative effect on our whole society. Only air pollution trumps water pollution in its ability to spread so far and impact so many people and ecosystems.

Therefore, I would recommend everyone take some time and watch the Poinsoned Waters documentary. You can access it at: It’s broken up into thirteen chapters, each about 10 minutes long, so you don’t need a two-hour block of time.

I can only watch it between 2AM and 7AM due to our satellite connection, so I started with the last four chapters, which focused on Puget Sound in Oregon and Tysons Corner and Arlington in Virginia (right near where I work). Commentary to come later; for now, I need to change into my bright-red alter-ego cape and get some work done.

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