Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Another Day...

We woke up to a beautiful morning today. The tree by the boathouse has turned red, and the ridges are starting to follow suit. (Gloria tells me that the trees out to town are in full swing; I’ll get to see them when I head out to pick Joe up from the airport Saturday.)

Jim is working on shingling the lodge gables. We’ve been looking at bare plywood for so long, the shingles are a welcome change! It’s not a fast process by any means, but we should be able to get all four gables done by the time we leave for the winter. Our list of “things that need to be done to the Lodge” is actually getting pretty short.

Gloria is canning some tomatoes and homemade bread-and-butter pickes. A few days ago, we did salsa, and she’s done jam several times this summer. It’s awesome being able to have the homemade versions of things that are usually bought in the store. (I’d love to have time to do it myself; I may have to juggle my winter priorities a little. Now that I’ve seen it done and had the mystery removed from the process, it shouldn’t be quite as intimidating.)

As for me, I’ll be working on some edits to a wetland mitigation plan down in Virginia, doing some website coding, and taking care of a few little tasks around here. We had an old (1949) handpainted map of the township over in Togue- it’s been there ever since I can remember. I always thought it was a shame it wasn’t in the Lodge, so we brought it over. We’re going to encase the painted portion in Plexiglas so folks don’t wear it out. (We had a large USGS map on the wall in the old Lodge- over the years, the constant attention wore a hole right where Red River should have been.)

So all told, it should be a pretty routine day here.

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