Sunday, May 15, 2011

Solar Update

Our solar project has officially begun.  Sixteen batteries were delivered today, and the drawings for panel placement, wiring, the battery box and inverter, and all the rest of it were prepared.  Much to my dad's chagrin, the panels will go on the main roof of the lodge since it has the best exposure and structural support.  The 12 SOLON Black panels will take up the majority of the roof over the kitchen.  (At 235W each, the panels will supply just over 2.8kW of energy to the battery bank; kind of like a 2.8kW generator running for 4-8 hours each day.)

We were initially worried that the peak of the dining room roof would shade the panels too much in the afternoon, but a closer inspection indicates that only one of the panels will be partially shaded by the peak for about an hour before the sun sets behind the ridge anyway.  Perfect!

The installation is scheduled to begin next Friday and last four days or so; in a little over a week, we'll be solar-powered!  (I will, of course, post pictures during the installation.)

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