Saturday, January 30, 2010

We'll be fine, really!

I love big dogs. German shepherds in particular, I think are beautiful and amazing animals, and it sure would be nice to have someone around Camp to ward off bears and all. However, in the winter, we live in a townhouse, and bringing a dog (especially a big one) into our home isn't feasible. Cats, yes. Dogs, no.

All isn't lost in terms of Camp, though. A few days ago, Caroline sent me a link to this video:

...and I thought, "Hmmm, that cat looks a lot like Bitty," our little tiger-striped girl. It got me thinking and doing a few more Google searches. Turns out that cats are pretty good at chasing off bears!

Another Cat and Bear Video

And this story from the BBC:

I love that photo. The cat just looks so matter-of-fact. Rawr.

So even if we won't be bringing a dog into our lives in the near future, I think we're safe. We have six pounds of hiss and spit on our side.

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